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general contractor
Building and maintaining your home will be the single largest investment you will make during your lifetime. Doing it right the first time is important. If you are building a new home…what’s the process? Do you do it yourself…or do you hire a professional? There are so many questions surrounding the issue.

If you choose to build the home yourself…be sure to understand the process. And be sure you are able to fully commit to the process, once you start. Take time to get estimates on all aspects of the job…Here’s a brief list of the estimates you will need:

Know Who You Hire!
• House plans
• Engineering…Structural, Environmental
• Building insurance
• Excavation quote…include backfill & rough landscaping
• Plumbing quote…allow enough money for fixtures
• Electrical quote..allow enough money for fixtures
• Framing package quote…allow for backframing & fasteners
• Truss quote
• Concrete quote
• Framing/Foundation contractor quote
• Concrete flatwork contractor quote
• Roofing
• Exterior windows & doors
• Siding
• Insulation
• Drywall
• Paint
• Cabinets
• Flooring
• Interior doors & trim
• Appliances

general contractorBe sure to get three estimates for any one aspect of the job.


Hire a local builder. Not only will your builder take care of all the details and extra leg work…your home will be built in a timely manner!