Why Join Construction Unlimited?

Enhance your business:
ConstructionUnlimited.ca enhances your online marketing allowing you to grow your business and reach consumers where you live. Your personal page consists of three parts; a main ad, a custom company profile, and recommendations/ referrals posted by your customers and business colleagues. Customers can view your ad and company profile for free, then contact you directly with job requests.
Save Money:

Build your credibility:
Customers research contractors before they hire. Skilled, qualified contractors who take their profession serious enough to register with an online contractor service attain instant credibility with homeowners. Your company profile is seen by thousands of homeowners and contractors looking for a business like yours. Contractor referrals reinforce your credibility through positive comments from other contractors and companies.
Online Marketing:
Your online ads provide detailed information about services, contact information and are easily modified to reflect your changing business needs. Online advertising is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Other forms of media are fast becoming obsolete. They are more costly, time consuming and often ineffective. Contractors who are serious about their profession want to connect their business to a web site such as ConstructionUnlimited.ca. They realize the virtually unlimited exposure and lead potential afforded by online resources.
Marketing Statistics:
Over 80% of local searches are done online. *Google **eMarketer-2009
60% of households no longer use the Yellow Pages. *Attracta, **2010-search visibility technology
Over 60% of local searches result in a sale! *Attracta, **2010-search visibility technology

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